EXTRANORM unsettles the norms of well-established design.

In September 2016, EXTRANORM introduces its first collection in the NOW show of Maison & Objet. This collection was imagined by the Swiss designer Patrick Knoch and lays the foundations of a new universe which mixes luxury and lightness, rigor and originality, tradition and impertinence …

These pieces of furniture unsettle the norms of well-established design and get out of the codes in which they should be locked: the sofas rock, the tables roll, the plates aren’t flat anymore….

We’re on the fringe of conventional furniture. The objects’ shapes are reminiscent of images, they use your own imagination and invite you to daydream.
These objects also stimulate dialogue between human beings: the object becomes a subject of conversation and a means of communication.

EXTRANORM, a new French publishing company

EXTRANORM COMPANY was founded in Bordeaux in the end of 2014. It’s completely independent and only publishes products in which it believes. Its criteria are originality, formal rigor, multiple interpretation and sustainability.

Almost all the objects are produced in France by suppliers selected for the quality of their products.
It also facilitates the following of the products’ quality, their constant optimization and a bigger reactivity to our clients’ demands.